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Our Mission

Posted on May 28, 2012 in Our Mission | by

To change the planet by means of influencing and shifting people’s core value systems and by encouraging commendable deeds and acts of selfless virtue in which human beings simply act in the service of others more often than they do in the service of themselves.

To implement new ideas and promote new thoughts about forms of commonality, spirituality, and social consciousness. To also raise capital, not just in monetary economic form, but social, cultural, and symbolic capital to help others achieve their goals ranging from starting local businesses to raising funds for disaster victims, providing families with affordable housing, helping people create their own vocation, to any other benefit of the all-encompassing community.

To reach the 10% of the population needed to develop an unshakable belief that will triumph and be adopted by the rest of society. One of those beliefs would be that all of humanity is one and that we need to unite and overturn all of the ancient primordial methods of fear and division amongst the people. All separating factors such as race, religion, politics, nationalism, etc that have provoked so many violent monstrosities should be recognized as the methods of control that they are and should be reflected upon as a nightmare ordeal of the past.

“No one person can do everything, but everyone can do something…”