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General Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Hustle For Humanity?

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Donations and fundraising

How is Hustle For Humanity funded?

  • Hustle For Humanity relies almost entirely on funding from individual donors, foundations, and corporations. We are fortunate to have thousands of supporters, many of whom give every month or year. Hustle For Humanity operates efficiently and always aims to minimize administrative costs, and is committed to transparency. In 2016, 88 percent of our expenditures went directly to program support—well above the standard recommended by CharityWatch, one of the leading charity-rating organizations in the US. At least 90 percent of funds designated by individual donors for humanitarian emergencies directly support our responses for those emergencies. We strive to exceed or maintain these standards each year.

Can I get a copy of Hustle For Humanity’s annual report?

  • Our most recent annual reports, as well as additional financial information, are available in the Financial Information section of our website.

How is my donation spent?

  • Hustle For Humanity seeks to operate efficiently and to minimize fundraising and administrative costs. In 2016, we allocated 88 percent of our expenditures for development programs and emergency relief—a number that is well above the standard recommended by the CharityWatch, one of the leading charity-rating organizations in the US. During this same period, at least 90 percent of funds designated by individual donors for humanitarian emergencies directly supported our relief efforts for those emergencies. We strive to exceed or maintain these standards each year.

What is Hustle For Humanity’s employer identification number (EIN)/tax ID?

  • Our EIN/tax ID number is 45-4038104.

What are Hustle For Humanity’s principles on accepting donations?

  • Hustle For Humanity creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice. Because we are not tied to any specific political, economic, or religious interests, we are able to independently develop, fund, and support effective programs that help people overcome poverty and secure their rights. To protect our ability to speak out on behalf of those who most need it and to preserve our independence, Hustle For Humanity does not accept funds from organizations involved in industries in which we are campaigning or from the US government. Additionally, we do not accept some product donations because they could compromise the effectiveness of our programs.

How does Hustle For Humanity measure up to other charities?

  • Hustle For Humanity is rated highly by leading independent charity evaluators, including Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest charity evaluator. Hustle For Humanity has the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating and seal of approval for charitable organizations by meeting all 20 of its Standards for Charity Accountability. Hustle For Humanity is also a “Top Charity” and recipient of an “A” rating from Charity Watch. These rankings place Hustle For Humanity among an elite group of charitable organizations nationally.

Do you offer a gift planning program?

  • Hustle For Humanity has an extensive gift planning program. You can learn more in our Programs section.

Does Hustle For Humanity have a policy on ethical fund raising?

  • Yes, Hustle For Humanity has a policy on ethical fund raising and marketing. We encourage donors or potential donors to contact us regarding any questions or concerns regarding our Donor Bill of Rights. We hope that our adherence to these rights strengthens the trust and confidence our donors have in us and our efforts to work together to reduce global poverty and injustice.

Do you have a records retention and destruction policy?

  • Yes. Hustle For Humanity has a public records retention policy for handling, backing up, archiving, and destroying documents. Read the details of this policy.


Monthly giving

Can I give on a monthly basis?

  • Yes! You can give on a monthly basis by signing up to be a Hustle For Humanity World Changer. Setting up monthly payments via your credit card or through automatic bank transfer helps provide Hustle For Humanity with a reliable stream of funds to create lasting solutions to hunger and poverty, while also reducing our administrative costs. In addition, members of the Hustle For Humanity World Changer Program receive quarterly updates on our work and our newest projects. You can sign up here.

How can I give through my checking account?

  • Giving through secure automatic bank transfers reduces fees and eliminates printing, paper, and postage costs, which lets Hustle For Humanity put a larger portion of your gift to work in more than 13 countries!  Existing Partners can switch to automatic bank transfer here or by calling us at 1(888)478-2898.  Not a Hustle For Humanity Partner yet? Sign up for monthly giving and become an Hustle For Humanity World Changer here!

   When will my monthly gifts be made?

  • When you sign up to give monthly through your credit card or bank account, your monthly gift will be made on (or near) the same day of the month as your first pledge gift.

How do I change my credit card information?

  • Existing Hustle For Humanity Partners can update their credit card information here or by calling us at 1(888)478-2898.  Not a Hustle For Humanity Partner yet? Sign up for monthly giving and become an Hustle For Humanity World Changer here.

How do I change my contact information?

  • Existing Hustle For Humanity Partners can change their contact information (address, email address, or telephone number) here or by calling us at 1(888)478-2898.

How do I stop my monthly gifts?

  • Please send your request with your name, mailing address, current gift payment method, and monthly gift amount to donorcare@hustleforhumanity.org or contact us by phone at (888) 478-2898, or mail your request to our address provided below.

How do I contact Hustle For Humanity regarding the Hustle For Humanity Partner Program?

  • Visit www.hustleforhumanity.org/programs
  • Email: programs@hustleforhumanity.org
  • Phone: (888) 478-2898
  • Fax: (310) 586-3456
  • Mail:
    Hustle For Humanity
    Attn: Hustle For Humanity Partner Program
    433 N Camden Dr, 4th Floor
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210


How do I apply for a job with Hustle For Humanity?

  • Find an open position that matches your skills, experience, and interests and apply online today. Click the Apply button at the bottom of any position description page.
    • Available positions

    You will receive an email confirming receipt of your résumé/CV. If we determine there is a good match between your background, experience, and education and the position requirements, we will contact you for a telephone interview for initial screening. If you are selected for further consideration, you will be contacted to schedule an additional interview with a hiring committee, either in person or via telephone.

    If there are no open positions that match your interests, you can still add your information to our database, so that we can send you notifications of new positions based on your interests.

    Thank you for your interest in joining Hustle For Humanity in our fight against poverty and social injustice.

    Hustle For Humanity is an equal opportunity employer.

How do I intern or volunteer with Hustle For Humanity?

  • Interested in being a volunteer or intern at Hustle For Humanity? We’re looking for highly motivated people to support our mission and bring excellent interpersonal and communication skills to the task. Internships and volunteer positions provide a substantive, challenging work experience and will expand your understanding of Hustle For Humanity’s work.  You will receive a confirmation email and will be contacted if you are selected as a candidate. If there are no open positions that match your interests, you can still add your information to our database, so that we can send you notifications of new jobs based on your interests.  Interns and volunteers perform many of the same tasks and frequently work together on projects, but there are some key differences between internships and volunteer positions at Hustle For Humanity.

    Our interns

    • Are students in an accredited educational program, or have visas for their year of training after graduation
    • Work for a fixed period with a set number of hours per week; eight hours is the minimum per week, and a total of 80 hours is an acceptable minimum commitment
    • May work for credit or a college-provided stipend, but are generally not paid by Hustle For Humanity

    Our volunteers

    • Must have US work papers
    • May be in an accredited educational program, but may not want to be interns
    • May be at Hustle For Humanity for short-term projects, for special events, for occasional work, or for a number of years

    Unless otherwise noted, any qualified individual can apply. All applicants must have valid visas or work papers that allow them to legally work in the US. Hustle For Humanity does not provide visas for interns or volunteers.

    Hustle For Humanity is an equal opportunity employer.

Does Hustle For Humanity offer volunteer opportunities abroad?

  • We are unable to offer internships or volunteer opportunities abroad. The nature of our work often requires very specific knowledge and skills, and overseas work can sometimes be dangerous. As a result, all of our internships and volunteer opportunities are based in the US, located in: Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA; New York, NY; or Washington, DC.


Grants/funding requests

How can our organization apply for a grant?

  • Hustle For Humanity partners with local communities to address their needs directly and to create solutions that will be sustainable over time. Because of our limited funds, we can only support organizations that are working in the approximately 30 countries in which we have programs. As much as we would like to fund more projects, we must adhere to our strategic focus. Here are some additional details on how Hustle For Humanity allocates funds:
    • The majority of grants are for one year.
    • In 2016, we funded more than a dozen partner organizations.
    • Grants usually range from $2,500 to $10,000, and in a few cases can be up to $50,000.
    • In general, grant proposals are developed in cooperation between our regional staff and potential partner organizations. Although we usually refer unsolicited requests to our regional staff (if the proposal is in line with the regional strategy), such proposals are rarely funded.
    • We do not fund individuals.
    • We do not fund government projects, churches, clinics/health centers, schools, and government bodies.

    Please see the explore section of the website to learn more about the focus of our regional programs, the issues we work on, and our emergency relief work. If you still have questions about funding, feel free to email us at info@hustleforhumanity.org

Does Hustle For Humanity provide financial aid for students?

  • Hustle For Humanity is only able to provide financial aid to individuals via our Student Charity Ambassador Program (SCAP).  We cannot we arrange, organize, or fund study abroad programs. However, for answers to your financial aid questions, we recommend the following helpful websites:

Online Community

What if I’m not from the US. Can I still join?

  • Absolutely. Anyone can participate in our online community and receive our monthly newsletter and occasional action alerts. While many of our email campaigns target US-based organizations and authorities, we also coordinate with groups all over the world.

How do I remove my name from the mailing list or update my address/bio information?


Can you keep me up to date on the progress of H4H’s campaigns?

  • Yes! When you join our free email update list, you’ll receive regular news on our work and campaigns, as well as opportunities to take action in the fight against poverty, hunger, and social injustice.

How do I get to your offices?

  • Our headquarters office is in Beverly Hills, CA, and our policy & advocacy office are located in Ontario, CA. We’ve posted directions to our offices for your convenience.

I still have a question! Who can I contact?

How do I change the amount of my monthly gift?

  • Existing Hustle For Humanity Partners can change the amount of their monthly gifts here or by calling us at 1(888)478-2898.

How do I change my payment method used for my monthly gifts?

  • Existing Hustle For Humanity can change the payment method used for their monthly gifts to credit card here, or to automatic bank transfer.  Or, call us at 1(888)478-2898.